Answers to the most common questions

How often should I replace my water filter?

Fridge Filters – should be replaced every 6 months, however if you consume a lot of water and ice or have a large family, replacement should be every 3-4 months.

Coffee Filters – should be replaced every 4 weeks. Depending on your water quality or frequency of use you may need to change the filter every 2 weeks.

Jug Filters – should be replaced every 4 weeks. Depending on your water quality or frequency of use you may need to change the filter every 2 weeks.

 As a rule, if the water starts to develop a taste or odour or the water flow reduces it means your filter is blocked and you should replace it.

What is the difference between an OEM (Genuine) and Compatible (Generic) filter?

An OEM water filter otherwise known as a Genuine replacement water filter is manufactured either by the manufacturer of the appliance or a manufacturer of their choosing and is labelled under their brand name. 

A Compatible water filter otherwise known as a Generic replacement water filter is manufactured and labelled by a different company to that of the OEM filter. Compatible filters have the same fitment; therefore, they will directly replace the Genuine part.

When making the decision to purchase a Compatible filter you should check the filtration performance and it should be certified to NSF standards. Filters which are not certified could leak and may not filter your water.

Our Compatible water filters are branded Aquaeco. These filters are certified to NSF standards and use coconut carbon block technology to give the water a slightly sweeter taste. 

Why do I need to change my water filter?

Water filters are designed to absorb and block contaminants, so that you can enjoy cleaner drinking water. As the filter absorbs contaminants the flow of water that can pass through the filter reduces as does the filtration performance.

It is also important to note that bacteria can begin to saturate the water filter and your drinking water and ice can become contaminated and harmful.

The best advice is to follow the directions on the water filter label or box for replacement frequency. 

If you notice the water flow reducing or the water has a taste or odour, then you should replace the filter.

If I use less water, can I change the filter less regularly?

Using less water than a standard family doesn’t mean you should change the filter less often. Bacteria does not wait for when you get back from a holiday or a business trip. It can be more harmful to the drinking water to use the filter less often.

That is why the manufacturer provides advice on when to change it. Manufacturers even advise to replace the water filter if it hasn't been used for weeks.

Do water filters expire?

The answer is NO. Water filters mostly contain carbon. You should store them away from chemicals, moisture and temperatures which fluctuate greatly. They don’t have a shelf life, which is why most customers take advantage of bulk buying and saving money.

Is my fridge filter internal or external?

Internal filters are generally located in 3 places inside the refrigerator compartment:

1. Vertically from the top right or left hand corner of the fridge

2. Horizontally from the top right or left hand corner of the fridge and usually behind a plastic cover

3. Bottom of the fridge in the front grille.

If you can't locate the filter using the above options, please refer to your manual or Contact Us for help.

External filters are generally located behind the fridge installed on the water line. The filter should be installed vertically.

How do I know what filter model fits my fridge?

The filter model will be displayed on your existing water filter.

If you don't have a filter in your fridge, refer to your manual for the refrigerator model number.

You can search both filter model and refrigerator model on our website.

Can filters be recycled?

Water filters are a consumable part, which means they cannot be recycled. Used water filters should be disposed of in normal garbage waste.

What contaminants does a water filter remove?

Generally a water filter will reduce or remove sediment, dirt, rust, chlorine, and odour.

Refer to our products page to review individual filter performance.

Where are water filters manufactured?

Water filters are manufactured both domestically and internationally.

The most common countries are Australia, USA, Mexico, Korea, China and India.

How do I know when to change my water filter?

Most fridges have a filter light or counter which will remind you that you filter needs to be replaced.

If you have an older style fridge without a light or counter, it may be a good idea to put the future date in your diary.

As part of our ongoing support to you, we will send you a reminder email a few weeks before your filter is due to be replaced.

Can I change the filter myself?

Fridge filters, Coffee filters and Jug filters can be changed easily without any tools. Refer to the manual or box for installation instructions.

Some Undersink filters and Shower filters may require a water filter spanner to loosen the housing, but generally most replacement filters twist in and out.

Please ensure after replacing that there are no leaks.