Brita Maxtra Compatible Water Filter 8 pack

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The AquaEco MAXTRAAQE is a premium compatible water filter which perfectly fits your Brita Maxtra water filter system.

Reduces limescale and substances like chlorine, giving your water a better taste and odour.

One filter cartridge provides up to four weeks of great-tasting water. 

Fits Brita Maxtra, Brita Maxtra +, Mavea Maxtra jugs. 8 pack of filters included.

4 stage filtration:

1. Pre-filtration: Water flows through a fine mesh filter

2. Ion exchange filtration: Ion exchange resin reduces limescale (hardness) and certain metals such as lead and copper.

3. Activated carbon filtration: Activated carbon reduces substances that affect smell and taste such as chlorine.

4. Final Filtration: A fine mesh filter retains particle mixture

BPA Free and tested independently.

Reduces 99% of chlorine and odour

  • Maxtra, Maxtra+, Maxtra+ Limescale

Compatible Parts


Compatible Models

  • Maxtra
  • Maxtra+
  • Maxtra+ Limescale